Guest post: Get a warning before closing a window in Salesforce

I’m sure many of you have experienced this before.  You’re typing up some important notes on a Case for a client, or finishing up a long paragraph detailing how a meeting with a client went on their Account record, and then you realize you need to look at their Contact details.  You click away.  Whoops.  There goes all that work, with one click.

This phenomenon causes countless Salesforce users to lose hours of work, and can be fixed very easily.  We designed an app called Saver ( and it solves this issue.

If you’re editing a record (inline or on the edit page) and you accidentally click away or close the window, Saver will pop up a simple warning, allowing you to stay on the page and save your work.

At only $2/User/Month, Saver is dirt cheap compared to the cost of rework.  If each user saves only 10 minutes of rework per month, the app pays for itself.

We’d love to get the word out about this app and help companies preserve data, increase user satisfaction, and eliminate rework forever!

Buy Saver Here:

-Saver Team

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